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  • A Florida father who beat his 11-year-old son's alleged molester unconscious before calling 911 told a CNN affiliate that his son is a hero and that the youngster is the only reason the man is alive.
  • "All I can remember is being held down and the pain. I think it will haunt me forever," the young girl told counselors. "I try to avoid talking about what happened to me because I think people will judge me, but I'm scared that if I don't tell, it will happen to other girls."
CNN Latin America
  • What is drawing thousands of children to America's doorstep is hope. What is prompting their loving families to send them on perilous, expensive journeys over hundreds of miles in the hands of strange men is hope. But what is awaiting them is confusion, conflict, and despair.
  • They say in Brazil that football is second only to breathing in importance. On Tuesday, 200 million people in the World Cup host nation had their breath stolen away from them in a dazzling, dizzying display of scoring by the No. 2 team in the world, Germany.
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Unit 1. Nice meeting you.3

Unit 2. What are these?3

Unit 3. What is your nationality?3

Unit 4. She's not wearing glasses!3

Unit 5. I'm not doing anything.3

Unit 6. My parents live in the suburbs.3

Unit 7. Does your room have a view?3

Unit 8. What is your profession?3

Unit 9. Pizza isn't good for you.3

Unit 10. I can't drive very well.3

Unit 11. What are you going to do tonight?3

Unit 12. What's wrong with you?3

Unit 13. Excuse me. Where is the plaza hotel?3

Unit 14. Did you enjoy it?3

Unit 15. Where were your parents born?3

Unit 16. I can't come to the phone right now.3

Unit 1. Please call me Beth.3

Unit 2. What do you do on Sundays?3

Unit 3. How much is that?3

Unit 4. Do you like rap?3

Unit 5. Tell me about your family.3

Unit 6. How often do you exercise?3

Unit 7. We had a great time!3

Unit 8. What's your neighborhood like?3

Unit 9. What does she look like?3

Unit 10. Have you ever ridden a camel?3

Unit 11. It's a very exciting place!3

Unit 12. It really works!3

Unit 13. May I take your order?3

Unit 14. The biggest and the best!3

Unit 15. I'm going to a soccer match.3

Unit 16. A change for the better!3

Unit 1. Memories of the past.3

Unit 2. The traffic is crazy.3

Unit 3. Changes of lifestyles.3

Unit 4. Odd customs.3

Unit 5. Vacation time.3

Unit 6. Okey-dokey.3

Unit 7. What's the use of this?3

Unit 8. Time to party.3

Unit 9. Past, present and future.3

Unit 10. I hate working on Sundays.3

Unit 11. You can't miss it.3

Unit 12. It happened to me.3

Unit 13. The movie was really fascinating.3

Unit 14. Body language tells it all.3

Unit 15. If you won the lotto...3

Unit 16. And now what?3

Unit 1. That's what I call good friends!2

Unit 2. Professions3

Unit 3. Can you give me a lift?3

Unit 4. What a big tale!3

Unit 5. Cultural Changes3

Unit 6. What's wrong?3

Unit 7. This is our world3

Unit 8. You learn something new everyday.3

Unit 9. Can I help you?3

Unit 10. The past and the future3

Unit 11. Life's little lessons3

Unit 12. The right stuff3

Unit 13. That's a possibility3

Unit 14. On the Stage3

Unit 15. There should be a law!3

Unit 16. Challenges and accomplishments3

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